Corporate Party at the Lyon Air Museum

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The PCE team loves getting a chance to work in unique and historic venues. In November 2023, we got a chance to do just this when a corporate client asked us to produce a party at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana.

The Lyon Air museum contains numerous historical aircraft (and other vehicles), mostly from World War II. This means we have to be extra careful when working at the museum, but it also gives us some rare opportunities to create some unique looks, especially when it comes to lighting. For example, we lit up an outdoor cocktail hour area with a SeeDevil LED Balloon Light, while stashing a few compact, battery-powered Chauvet Freedom Pars in a C-47 (famously used by US paratroopers in WWII) that was open for guests to tour during the event.

Inside the museum, truss sticks with ETC ColorSource Lekos helped illuminate important areas (such as a few scattered bars and the main stage. On stage, we used several moving lights for the headlining band, including Martin MAC Allure Profile, Martin MAC Aura PXL Chauvet Rogue Outcast 2X Wash, Chauvet Nexus 4x4 lights. Our lighting designer ran the show via a grandMA3 light console.

Our audio package included L-Acoustics Kara line array speakers with RCF 18" subwoofers and QSC K10.2 wedges. We mixed the evening's program (which featured several speakers and a band) with a Yamaha CL5 audio console.

PCE Backline also got in on the action, supplying amps, instruments, and more to the headlining band. All told, our contributions consisted of an Aguilar DB 751, Aguilar DB 410, Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12, Gibson Songwriter Studio Deluxe EC Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit, DW Collector's Series Brass Snare, Nord Stage 4, Hammond XB-2, Hammond XK-3c, and Kurzweil PC88. We also provided percussion elements, including an LP Quinto and Tumba LP Cyclops tambourines, LP Bar Chimes, and LP Generation II Bongos.

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