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Over the years, many of our customers (especially schools looking to put on theatrical productions) have asked for a fast, convenient, plug-and-play wireless microphone system. Well, you asked and we answered! Our new Shure SLXD wireless microphone kits make theatrical audio a breeze.

Our Shure kits come in eight channel and four channel racks (which can be mixed/matched/combined to accommodate bigger shows). These handy receiver racks are designed to sync with the included belt packs automatically, allowing anyone to put the system to use without deep technical knowledge. An included color-coded snake allows users to patch the wireless mic receiver rack into an audio console in the simplest possible manner. Setting up and activating these Shure SLXD kits couldn't be simpler.

The Shure SLXD system delivers outstanding audio quality and reliable transmission in a scalable package. We've built our SLXD kits in four and eight channel racks. These racks can be combined in any number (i.e. to create 12, 16, 20 channel systems, etc.), making these pre-built packages perfect for productions of all sizes.

Our Shure SLXD packages come with belt packs that can be combined with lavalier or headset microphones. The belt packs run on AA batteries. Everything you need to use this system comes in the package, including the belt pack batteries. Best of all, the whole system easily fits in the back of a car!

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