Puppet Up! Uncensored

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Puppet Up! Uncensored is a hilarious, ribald live puppet show put on by Brian Henson and Henson Alternative at the world-famous Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, California. PCE supplies special production for this event, including lighting, audio, and advanced live video technology.

Our lighting package included several Vari-Lite VL3600s. These lights pack a lot of punch, and the show makes great use of their built-in gobo effects to keep backdrops varied and dynamic. Four Chauvet onAir IP Panel 2 fixtures function as house lights, replacing entire racks of PAR lighting used in the show's previous runs. Finally, Chauvet Professional Ovation B-2805FC strip lights provide the basic cyc lighting for every moment of the show.

In terms of live video, this show doesn't hold anything back. Our setup included an Elgato Stream Deck, Analog Way Ascender 16, and a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio 4K Pro. These devices give our video tech complete control over the show, and they allowed for some advanced effects like live keying and live cloning. For more technical info on our video production for Puppet Up!, click here.

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