Polaris Rzr Booth

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The annual Sand Sports Super Show brings dune and dirt sports enthusiasts from all over the world to the OC Fairgrounds for an epic expo of everything new and shiny in the sand sports world. PCE has an ongoing, multi-year relationship with Polaris, one of the show's leading exhibiters. Every year, we build the elaborate Polaris Rzr booth.

The Polaris booth consists of a truss structure with PCE lighting, audio, and a video wall.

The video wall is an Absen PL3.9, hung from PCE truss.

Some of the lighting fixtures inside the booth include Chauvet Freedom Pars and ETC Source 4WRD Lekos.

QSC K10.2 speakers hang from the top of the truss structure, pumping in music for all of the guests to enjoy.

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