PCE Acquires Speeda Sound

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For decades, Speeda Sound was the leader when it came to audio and backline in the California fair/festival business. Run by brothers Mike King (Owner) and Larry King (Treasurer), Speeda Sound produced countless shows over the years, often for notable acts like Blue Öyster Cult, Kenny Rogers, and Johnny Cash.

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike King decided to sell the business. PCE CEO Ryan Steidinger (himself a longtime Speeda admirer) jumped at the chance to acquire Speeda Sound. The move means big things for both companies, and, more importantly their customers.

Through PCE, Speeda Sound customers now have access to several new product lines, namely lighting, staging, rigging, and video.

On the other hand, PCE customers now have easier access to Speeda Sound's massive inventory of musical instruments.

With the move, both businesses have become much stronger. For more information on the PCE acquisition of Speeda Sound, click here.

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