Introducing the Apex 3224 Stage Trailer

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Say hello to our new stage trailer! PCE recently acquired an Apex 3224 stage trailer, and has begun to deploy it at shows. A stage trailer is just what it sounds like—a trailer (pulled by a pickup or semi truck) that unfolds into a full-blown stage for concerts, lectures, graduations, or any other live event.

Stage trailers come pre-engineered to withstand harsh conditions and to hold all of the same production gear that a traditional stage can accommodate. The Apex 3224 can be outfitted with lighting, audio, video walls, banners, and everything else it takes to bring an event to life. (For more information on the Apex 3224's feature set, click here.)

In this video, PCE CEO Ryan Steidinger describes some of the chief advantages of using a mobile stage like the Apex 3224. See this amazing stage come together for a recent Irvine Nights event.

To learn more about stage trailers, click here.

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