Sunrise Service at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills had to figure out a way to continue its regular services without compromising the health and safety of its congregation. Ultimately, they decided to create a massive outdoor space to conduct services, calling on PCE to build and maintain a giant, shaded truss structure. We hung lights and audio from the truss—essentially building a massive, outdoor church!

For special occasions (like the Easter Sunday service depicted in this video), Calvary Chapel Chino Hills expanded their production even further. In addition to the giant outdoor truss structure, PCE helped CCCH expand their service to two runoff areas with additional audio and video walls. (The video walls displayed the goings-on at the "main stage" to the runoff crowd.)

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills liked having the truss structure so much that they kept it up for several years after the COVID-19 emergency ended, eventually replacing it with a permanent outdoor space.

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