The Beach Boys at UCR Homecoming 2022

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From Hawthorne, California, it's The Beach Boys! In November 2022, the University of California, Riverside called on PCE to help produce their annual homecoming event. The proceedings included a car show, food trucks, a Ferris wheel, and, of course, the headlining Beach Boys concert. We had the immense pleasure of transforming the UCR campus with staging, rigging, audio, video, lighting, power, and backline for the event.

Everything you see on the stage (a Stageline SL320 stage trailer) belongs to PCE, from the lights and audio to the musical instruments and the cabling connecting everything together. Working with a legendary band like The Beach Boys was a true thrill, doubly so when they're playing our instruments! PCE Backline provided a Gibson ES335, numerous Fender Stratocasters, a Fender Jazz Bass, Ludwig Classic Drum Kit, Korg Triton Extreme 61, and Shure Axient Digital wireless microphones, to name just a few contributions.

On stage we put up an Absen PL3.9 LED video wall, and beside the stage we erected a video wall trailer. Panasonic SG-HPX610 cameras helped us shoot the show.

For audio, a JBL VTX line array brought the music to the crowd, while an audio engineer mixed the band with a Yamaha CL5 console.

On stage we made heavy use of Martin MAC Quantum Profile lights, tied together with a grandMA 3 light console.

Finally, we helped build a special VIP area with trussing and Chauvet Nexus 4x4 lights.

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