We've all attended a concert, play, or lecture that we'll never forget. These events can truly change people. At their very best, a great show can be the highlight of someone's entire year. At PCE, we understand this, and we've made it our mission to help our touring clients exceed the expectations of increasingly sophisticated modern audiences. When you're ready to hit the road with a band, theatrical show, or lecture series, talk to us about securing the backline, lighting, audio, and other production gear you need to make something phenomenal.

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Music and Theatrical Tours with PCE

Ready to hit the road with a musician, band, theatrical show, or lecture series? Make PCE your one-stop shop for all the equipment you need. We have state-of-the-art backline, lighting, audio, video, staging, rigging, power, consumables, and everything else you need to make your tour a massive success.

Of course, putting on a great production is only half the battle. When planning your show, you have to come up something you can quickly set up, tear down, and pack away for the next stop. At PCE, our team understands the practical considerations of touring, and we love helping our clients plan something that will wow guests and go smoothly.

PCE Touring Partners
Lionel Richie CHOC Gala where Lionel Ritchie is sitting at a piano on stage.
A group of people standing on a stage, part of the Ragtime musical tour
Eric Nam standing on a stage with a microphone.
A man standing on a stage in front of a screen as part of Brian Cox Horizons North American tour
Alina Baraz standing on a stage in front of a crowd.

PCE Touring Options

Touring Backline Rental

The PCE Backline catalog includes vintage and modern instruments of all kinds: guitars, drums, keyboards/synths/pianos, basses, DJ gear, organs, amps, cabs, and even orchestral pieces. From reliable workhorses like the Fender Stratocaster to rare treasures like the Hammond B3 organ, you'll find all your dream backline at PCE.

BL VTX Line Array of guitars at Kern County Fair
Eric Nam Tour perform on on a stage with blue lighting. A crowd watches .

Theatrical Lights and Consoles

Great lighting can create moments, build suspense, enhance audience engagement, and give your tour an unforgettable look and feel. At PCE, we have every kind of light you could ever want: movers, pars, Lekos, strobes, blinders, follow spots, lasers... you name it. Plus, we've got the rigging and professional lighting consoles it takes to bring everything to life. Our experts can help you find a unique set up that perfectly fits your show—and your budget.

Audio Touring Equipment

No two venues are quite the same. This means your touring audio package has to scale from stop to stop. Fortunately, PCE has audio gear to accommodate everything from a major outdoor festival to a tiny, intimate space. Get the speakers, stage monitors, in-ear monitors, audio consoles, mics, stands, wireless, and clear-com you need to keep things humming from the beginning of your tour all the way to the finale.

A stack of JBL VTX Line Array speakers at Kern County Fair.
A man playing a guitar in front of a large screen.

Video and LED Video Walls

LED video walls ensure that the guests in the back of the venue have just as good a time as the folks in the front row. Endlessly configurable, video walls add a ton of visual flair (whether you want to play prerecorded content or just give the audience a closer look at the performers). PCE can help design and mount video walls of any size, and provide all the cameras, lenses, and other video equipment you need to bring them to life. And if you wanna go live? No problem! We've got streaming gear, too.

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