Graduation Stages and Production

For a graduating senior, walking across a commencement stage and collecting a degree is a huge moment—often the biggest of their life. The best commencement ceremonies accentuate the grandeur of the day, cementing it as unforgettable for everyone involved. Choose PCE as your graduation production partner to take care of all your equipment needs and ensure a flawless ceremony.

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Graduations with PCE

Graduations often mean big crowds and daunting technical challenges. PCE can help you surmount these by supplying the right combination of staging, audio, lighting, rigging, video, LED walls, and other specialty gear.

But, that's not all. We also provide the highly skilled tech experts required to set things up, operate the equipment during the ceremony, and break things down afterwards. Choose PCE, and you can tackle all your technical graduation needs in one place.

PCE Graduation Partners
A group of people standing on a stage, part of a graduation ceremony.
A man sitting at a desk in front of a crowd of people. He is a PCE Audio Engineer
Graduation Microphone and Podium
Photographer and Graduate at PCE Graduation
A group of people standing in front of a large LED Video Wall Trailer screen.

PCE Graduation Options

Graduation Stage Rental

What does nearly every graduation ceremony on the planet have in common? A stage! At PCE, we can build a stage of any size, complete with steps, ramps, and/or ADA lifts. We can also augment the stage with rigging, allowing you to connect lighting, audio, video walls, roofing, banners, signage, or anything else you can imagine.

PCE Graduation Stage
PCE Graduation Audio

Graduation Audio Gear

Commencement ceremonies commonly take place in gyms, stadiums, and other large venues. When conveying audio to such an enormous space, you'll need some sound reinforcement. PCE can outfit any venue with the speakers, mics, mixers, and other gear necessary to make sure everyone in the audience—no matter its size—can follow the action. Whether you need a line array (like the one pictured) or just a couple mics and speakers, you can find what you need at PCE.

LED Video Walls for Graduations

Graduations in large venues (like football stadiums) often mean a good portion of the crowd has to sit far from the stage. With an LED video wall, you can give everyone the ability to follow the action. The PCE team can configure LED walls to any size, and we can mount them almost anywhere. Whether your ceremony will take place indoors or outside, video walls will help engage your audience and make sure friends and loved ones catch all the magic on stage.

PCE Graduation LED Video Wall
PCE Graduation Video Camera

Cameras and Live Streaming

At graduation ceremonies, live video cameras  work in conjunction with video walls (or any in-house screens you might already have) to create a video feed everyone present can follow. And, for those who want to things even further, that same video feed can go out to the world via the internet streaming service of your choice. Let friends and family who can't attend share in the magic of the moment.

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