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Looking to set the stage for an amazing live event? Choose the Apex 3224 stage trailer, a terrific, versatile mobile stage that can accommodate events of all sizes and types. Whether your event has a few dozen guests or a few thousand, the Apex 3224 will get the job done. With a highly-trained PCE crew, this stage goes up in less than two hours and can fly all of the lighting, audio, banners, and video walls you need to bring your event to life.

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Harness the power of the Apex 3224 Mobile Stage.

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Because it can go up in a fraction of the time as a traditional truss and deck stage, the Apex 3224 offers a tremendous value in terms of labor and time expenditure. But, can a mobile stage do all the same things as its truss box brethren? You bet it can! Hang rows of lights, line array speakers, banners, and even video walls—the Apex 3224 can safely support a massive payload. If you want to put on a spectacular event, make the Apex 3224 stage trailer the centerpiece.

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How does it work?

The Apex 3224 stage trailer can come together in under two hours. Click through the images in this gallery for a step-by-step look at the process.

Step 1: Place the stage.

A pickup truck will tow the Apex 3224 into place. Using a pickup truck means that the stage can be maneuvered into some tight places—areas a semi truck would not be able to reach.

Step 2: The stage unfolds.

Once in place, one of our certified Apex technicians will use the controls on the trailer itself to plant the stage legs and unfold the trailer into a stage.

Step 3: Add lighting, audio, and more.

With the stage in place, PCE lighting, audio, and video techs can begin their work, mounting lights, speakers, video walls, banners, and any other gear the event call for.

Step 4: Raise the roof.

With much of the optional gear mounted, the Apex tech will raise the stage to its final height. When fully deployed, the stage surface stretches 32' x 24', with the roof reaching 16'5" above the stage floor.

Step 5: Add rails, stairs, and other staging.

With the stage all the way up, the PCE crew will add stairs, lifts, rails, and other necessary safety features. Drum risers and other staging elements can help complete the picture.

Step 6: Showtime!

And that's it! The tricked out Apex 3224 is not ready for primetime. From speeches to concerts to graduations, this stage does it all!

Perfect for All Kinds of Events

The Apex 3224 can tackle all the same kinds of events as a traditional truss stage. From concerts to speeches and from graduations to theatrical performances, the only limits are what you can conjure in your imagination. Hauled in and out of place via a simple pickup truck, this mobile stage can be deployed in all manner of tricky and unconventional spaces.

PCE Graduation Stage
PCE Graduation Audio

Fly Lighting, Audio, and More

With front, center, and rear I-beams, the Apex 3224 trailer stage can fly tons of production equipment—literally! You've got a total roof capacity of 13,500 lbs. to work with, enough for line array speakers, several rows of moving lights, and even some video walls. Still not enough? No problem! As a full-service live event production company, PCE can help augment the main stage with additional truss towers or other rigging.

Reliably Engineered

The Apex 3224 mobile stage is designed, manufactured, and tested in the US, and adheres to all federal and state standards for professional staging equipment. Furthermore, PCE keeps a whole team of Apex-certified stage trailer technicians on staff to oversee and conduct the construction and dismantling of our stages before and after every show. These stages are tough. They can withstand extreme weather situations and support massive payloads, no problem.

PCE Live Video Camera
PCE Video Wall Technicians

Apex 3224 Technical Info

Average Set Up Time: 45 minutes to 2 hours
Stage Dimensions: 34' x 24'
Roof Height: 16'5" (from deck to roof)
Stage Height: 3'10" to 5'6" (from ground to deck)
Total Weight Capacity: 13,500 lbs.
Trailer Dimensions (Folded): 34' x 8'6" x 12'2"
Trailer Weight: 14,150 lbs.

For more complex questions about the Apex 3224's technical capabilities, talk to one of our experts at 866-335-4723.

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