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Headquartered in sunny Huntington Beach, CA, Pacific Coast Entertainment is pleased to be the premiere one-stop production resource.  PCE proudly partners with regional, national, and international clients in a variety of markets and verticals. Serving both end-users and event professionals alike, we offer a complete line of rentals including Lighting, Audio, Video, and Staging equipment.  For those seeking turnkey success, we also offer a broad portfolio of Production Services, Retail Sales, and Permanent Installation.

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“As the one that deals with the ordering and last minute “we forgot this can you get one, or ten?” or the “oh didn’t you get that info?” Pacific Coast Entertainment has helped me out of the mud more than there fair share and has done so with a smile every time. As a convert from the “other guys” I can attest to PCE’s stellar customer service and quick turn around time. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a sheet of gel or a roll of tape, up to a full production rig with truss, lights, audio and projection gear. PCE is my “Go To” for all my production needs and should be yours too!”

Jeff Stamper
Asst. Production Manager,
Irvine Barclay Theatre