Switcher Rentals

If you have multiple cameras and audio equipment in your event, you need to manage feeds from them carefully, especially if you intent to broadcast the event live. Just camera and audio equipment won’t do the trick and you need a video switcher or vision mixer to get the job done. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we store all kinds of essential video and audio equipment, including switcher rentals.

What Does a Switcher Do?
A switcher will help you mix and manage different live video and audio feeds. You can also use this tool to add transitions and special effects to your videos. It’ll ensure you get a smooth, cohesive video content of your event so people who watch the end result don’t see choppiness and abrupt jumps between feeds. A video switcher rental is absolutely essential if you intend to broadcast the event live online or through television because it would allow you to control what content your audience will see.

Can You Do Without a Switcher?
If you have only a single video and audio source, you don’t need a switcher; so you need not invest in it. If you don’t intend to broadcast the event live, you might be able to get away with it, but you’ll have to do considerable amount of editing and refining after the event is done. This can be time consuming, cumbersome, and will cost you money, especially if you intend to hire a professional video editor.

Our Switchers

  • Different Brands – We have a large collection of switcher rentals from different brands like Panasonic, Analogway, Folsom, and Extron. They’re very efficient, easy to use, and deliver good quality results.
  • Well-Maintained – All of our switchers are well-maintained and don’t have performance problems. Despite this, we check all equipment thoroughly before we send them to your location so you won’t have to face technical problems in the middle of your event.
  • Expert Advice –Most of our clients don’t know how to choose switchers that would suit their requirements. Our team of experts willask you questions on your requirements and event scale and make recommendations based on experience and knowledge of the equipment.
  • Set-Up –We’ll set up the switcher at your event location and double-check everything before attendees arrive. Our on-site technicians will operate the switcher and troubleshoot any problems that arise promptly.

If you want to know more about switcher rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Switcher Rental Options

– Panasonic AV-HS400 Switcher
– Analogway Ascender 16 Switcher
– Analogway Pulse 2 Switcher
– Analogway Pulse Switcher
– Folsom Image Pro HD Switcher
– Folsom Screen Pro Switcher
– Extron ISS506 Switcher
– Extron IN-1508 Switcher
– Extron MVX88 Matrix Switcher