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LED Video Wall Elation EPV762

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Built for both outdoor and indoor video display, the EPV762 LED Video Wall Rental Screens are bright, light weight, plug and play modules using TriColor SMD RGB LED’s capable of outputting up to 14 Trillion colors.  With a 7.62mm pitch it is ideal for small and large applications.  It is easy to handle and super-thin – each tile weighs 30lbs and runs on 110v power.  Integrated rigging fly support hardware and ease of set up make this LED Video Wall Rental system perfect for a variety of portable or permanent applications.

About LED Wall Rentals

If you want something truly spectacular at your event, you should consider getting an LED video wall to your location. This new technology is fast becoming popular with event organizers and other clients. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we’ve noticed that many have started to permanently install these walls on their commercial property to engage customers and improve the visibility of their brand.

What is an LED Video Wall Rental?
As the name suggests, it’s a video wall composed of a LED panel for superior image quality. The shape, size, and configuration of this can vary based on price and preference, but the wall does deliver stunning visual impact that can influence event attendees, customers, and business associates. This technology has overtaken projectors as a tool to display videos and images to a large audience.

Our LED Video Wall Rental
We only offer the best to our clients and our video walls are no exceptions. Our rental product has enjoyed considerable amount of success with our past clients and brought new life to many events.

  • Our EPV762 LED video wall rental has bright screens that display crystal clear images in both outdoor and indoor environments, which makes it ideal for events.
  • The screens are bright and light weight so we can transport them to your location quickly and safely.
  • They are plug and play modules and use TriColor SMD RGB LED with the ability to output nearly 14 Trillion colors.
  • It’s ideal for small and large applications because of its 7.62mm pitch.
  • The LED video wall is very easy to handle and quite thin. Every individual panel tile weighs 30lbs and requires 110v power.
  • We provide integrated rigging fly support hardware and can easily set up the panels for temporary as well as permanent applications.

What Are the Advantages?
There are many advantages of LEDvideo wall rental, especially over traditional projectors and they’re listed below:

  • Great image quality in all kinds of lighting conditions.
  • High levels of color accuracy and brightness, leading to stunning videos and visual effects.
  • Easy to install, uninstall, and transport.
  • More economical and lower cost of ownership.
  • High levels of visibility so great for large audiences and big spaces.
  • About 50% lower power consumption in comparison to traditional projectors.

If you want to know more about LED video wall rentals and our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.