Live Event Computer Rentals

Computers can come very handy at live events, especially if you intend to broadcast online on YouTube or Facebook. Some people use their personal computers and laptops for such a task but our experts at Pacific Coast Entertainment don’t recommend it. It’s a better idea to get live event computer rentals for a reasonable price and have it delivered and set up at your location.

Why Rent a Computer?

Almost everyone has a laptop these days;so most event organizers don’t consider getting live event computer rentals. They assume it’s an unnecessary expense but it can prove to be very useful and the reasons are listed here:

  • Security – Live events don’t always have proper security, especially events that are attended by a large number of people. When you rent a computer, you minimize the risk to your personal data and information being stolen. After all, a computer in itself can be replaced but the data inside it can be invaluable.
  • Software – Computers we rent out have software that would help you record and broadcastlive events in an easy and efficient manner. For example, our Macbookrental has QLab, which is a commendable multimedia playback software application. This is great for live and theatre entertainment and can help you tackle multiple feeds. This saves you from the hassle of downloading the application to your own laptop.
  • Efficiency – Your personal computer might not be efficient enough to handle live events. We have tried and tested equipment with proven software so you can be certain your event would be managed smoothly on our computers.
  • Transport and Set-Up – We’ll transport the live event computer rentals to your location and set it up at you event location. We’ll also connect all necessary equipment and double check if everything works well. After the event is done, we’ll transport disassemble the set-up and transport the computer back to our office with no stress to you.
  • Different Brands – We offer Macbook 13” with QLab and Samsung 15” PC so you can choose based on your hardware and software requirements. If you prefer Windows to MacOS, you should pick Samsung and vice versa.

Our computer rentals are convenient and affordable but will help you manage your live event smoothly. Our technicians will help you choose a good rental and help you with your event as well.

If you want to know more about live event computer rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Live Event Computer Rental Options

– Macbook 13” with QLab – computer for rent for your live event
– Samsung 15” PC – computer for rent for your live event