Camera and Tripod Rentals

If you want good footage of your event, you need great cameras and sturdy tripods to keep the video steady. Bad cameras are practically useless in today’s world of high definition or 4K video quality. Television, mobile, and tablet screens are so advanced that they can easily amplify the flaws in bad quality videos. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we offer great camera and tripod rentals for your event with the assurance that the footage you shoot would be clear and of good quality.

How to Create Great Quality Videos?
The quality of your event video depends on a combination of skill and equipment. An experienced videographer can only do so much if they have to work with poor equipment. The quality of audio and video would be dull and muted if you use outdated equipment. However, even if you have good equipment, a bad videographer can compromise the quality. Here’s how we help our clients get the best quality footage:

  • Camera Quality – You don’t always need the latest and best camera rental to get good video. The industry evolves at a near constant rate and every day, new equipment and technology is introduced to the market. While we keep the equipment up-to-date, we don’t rush to get the latest and the best without complete confidence in the product. Our cameras are tried and tested and have delivered consistently great results. They produce video quality that performs well on all modern display technologies.
  • Tripods – For superior video quality, you need to ensure the camera is as steady as it can be; and for that, you need good tripod rentals. We have a good collection of sturdy and well-designed tripods from renowned manufacturers like Miller and Bogan. They’ve delivered a good performance and aided in the quality of the videos on all of our previous projects.
  • Technical Assistance – We have a great team of producers, videographers, and technicians offer advice and ensure your event is covered well. They’re very familiar with the equipment and have worked on several big and small projects over the years. All you need to do is explain your needs and event details to them and they’ll recommend the right camera to you.
  • Transport and Setup – We’ll transport the camera equipment carefully to your location and set it up. We’ll also check the condition of the camera and ensure everything is working before your guests arrive.

If you want to know more aboutcamera and tripod rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Camera & Tripod Rental Options

– Panasonic HPX610 Studio Config
– Panasonic HPX170 with Varizoom Remotes
– P2 64gb Cards & Reader
– Miller 925 Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Tripod
– Bogan Tripod
– Bogan Dolly Wheels