Video Equipment Rentals

Events can be memorable occasions where people have fun and socialize. They’re also a great way to network and promote products in a business community. The right video equipment can help you preserve the memories and use it at a later date. You can watch personal events like weddings and birthdays or use footage of corporate events for promotional purposes. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we understand the value of good video and offer excellent video equipment rentals.

Our Video Equipment Rentals

We have a wide range of equipment so no matter what kind of event you host, we can help. Our equipment is of high quality and are well-maintained so you won’t run into any performance problems during the event. We also check everything thoroughly before we transport it them to the venue to ensure there are no last minute hassles for clients to deal with. Our range of video equipment rentals include:

  • Projectors And Lenses – Projectors can be handy tools during an event, especially in corporate events like product launches and conferences. You can display all the information you need to convey to your audience on a large screen and ensure everyone who attends can see it. We have a number of high-quality projectors and lenses for you to choose and you can consult with our expert technicians to understand what you need.
  • Screens – Projectors require screens that are in good condition. We have over a dozen screens of different sizes and accessories. Our technicians will recommend which screen works well with the projectors and lenses you rent. They are in excellent condition so all images that are projected onto them will be very clear.
  • Switchers – If you intend to have many cameras at your event, you need switches to manage video input from all them. Switchers will allow you to create a cohesive video that looks professional.
  • Cameras And Tripods –We have the latest cameras to ensure you get excellent video graphics and image quality. We also rent out tripods to mount cameras on to get steady and good quality images.

That’s not all, we have a number of other essential video equipment rentals that would ensure your event is recorded well, including record and playback consoles, computers, LED video walls, monitors and stands, cables, etc.

If you want to know more about video equipment rentals and our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.