Truss Rentals

Events, be they big or small, use a large number of sound, light, and video equipmentand most of them need to be placed properly on and around the stage. The stage is where the performance or speeches happen so the cameras, lights, and microphones need to be present there. However, not all of them can be placed on the stage floor because there won’t be enough space for the performers. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we provide truss rentals to help you with the problem.

What is a Truss?
A truss is one of the most important aspects of a stage, especially in medium to large scale events. Without a truss, your options for positioning your lights, camera, and sound equipment are limited. A truss provides a solid and sturdy framework to mount these equipmentover the stage. That allows you to shine light on the stage or take videos from a different angle. The height of the truss ensures the equipment is out of the way and won’t obstruct the view of attendees. Trusses also allow you to hide the equipment from the audience to ensure the staging doesn’t look messy or chaotic.

The Importance of Quality
Truss rentals need to be of good quality because they have to bear the load of heavy light, video, and audio equipment. If the trusses aren’t sturdy and strong, the weight can compromise their integrity and cause it to collapse. That can be a disaster that leads to serious injuries and damage to expensive equipment. At Pacific Coast, we pay keen attention to the quality of our truss equipment. We make sure the metal is in good condition and isn’t warped or cracked anywhere. We also make sure the truss components are packed and transported carefully so they’re not damaged en route to your event location.

Technical Advice
You need to install a truss that can support all the equipment you need to mount on it. The load should decide the size of the structure so it’s a good idea to consult with our experts before you get truss rentals. They’ll consider your requirements, look at the event venue, and get details on the equipment weight before they recommend the size for the truss and provide a list of everything you’d need.

If you want to know more about trussrentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Truss Rental Options

– 12” Aluminum Box Truss: 10’L, 8’L, 6’L, 5’L, 2’L, 6 Way Corner
– 12” Black Box Truss: 10’L, 5’L
– 12” Tower Box Truss: 10’L, 5’L
– 12” & 20.5” Leveling Truss Base with Outriggers
– 30”x26.25”x93”L PRT Truss
– PRT Angle 45, 22.5, & 11.25 Degree
– 20.5” Aluminum Box Truss: 10’L, 5’L, 2’L, 6 Way Corner
– 12” on 12” Sleeve Block
– 20.5 & PRT on 12” Tower Sleeve Block
– Truss Base: 30”x30”& 36”x36”

Truss Rentals