Softgoods Rental

Unless you want to go for the deliberately industrial and grungy look for your staging, you need to do something about the exposed trusses and rigging. That’s where a softgoods rental comes in. They can disguise all the exposed metal structures and enhance the overall aesthetics of your stage to make it more appealing to your audience. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we provide a large range of soft good products that can help improve the look and feel of the stage.

What are Softgoods?
Softgoods, are essentially soft drapes, curtains, and coverings placed over the stage to cover the metal structures. They’re used for a variety of purposes and most of these uses are explained below:

  • Scenery and Mood – Softgood rentals can be used to set the right scenery and mood for your event. For example, black and solid colored draperies can look professional and set a serious mood. Pastel and soft colored draperies, on the other hand, are ideal for weddings and other such private occasions.
  • Weather Protection – Some softgoods are placed on the roof to offer protection from the weather, especially the sun and rain. Most won’t host outdoor events in the rain but the added protection can keep all sensitive equipment safe in case it happens to rain unexpectedly. Sun protection can ensure your performers and speakers are comfortable as well and that can be advantageous during long concerts that require considerable amount of energy.
  • Branding – You can add your company’s logo or get softgoods in company colors for corporate events like conferences, tradeshows, and product launches. Because soft goods are used as covering for trusses and rigging as well as backdrops for the stage, your brand name and logo would occupy a very prominent place.

Types of Softgoods
We have softgood rental options of different sizes and colors that can be used in all kinds of events and parties. These products are made from resilient and good quality materials so they’ll look great during the event. You won’t have to deal with visible tears and fade marks. We have a variety of softgoods such as:

  • Shade Roofs
  • Backdrops
  • Valor Drapes
  • Point Shapes
  • Webbing Ties and Grommets

If you want to know more about soft goodsrentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Softgood Rental Options

– Black 8oz 40’w x 25’h webbing ties and grommets
– Spandex Truss Covers for 12”
– Spandex Hoop and Tron Columns 15’h
– Spandex 3 Point Shapes
– Spandex 4 Point Shapes
– 60/40 32’x25’ Shade Roof
– 50/50 Black 12’x20’ Shade Roof
– 50/50 Black 10’x16’ Shade Roof
– Mottled Grey 9’x10’ backdrop for TV
– Drape 16oz Velour 13’w x 16’h with pipe pockets
– Drape 16oz Velour 13’w x 5’h with pipe pockets

Softgoods Rental