Rigging Equipment Rental

During events, not all equipment can be placed on the stage floor and around it. Some requires that it be suspended in the air for proper positioning and angles. For this, you need rigging and motor rentals. A rigging equipment rental will allow you to suspend lights, cameras, speakers, stage sceneries, and other such items from the top beams of the stage. This gives you considerable amount of flexibility and utility when it comes to staging, lighting, and sound effects. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we have a wide range of rigging and motor equipment that can fit your every requirement.

Our Rigging and Motor Rentals
We aim to be the one-stop destination for all of your event organization and management needs. No matter what kind rigging and motor rental equipment you require, we’ll have everything you need.

Best Rigging Equipment Rentals

  • Wide Product Range – You might require things like chain motors, cables, shackles, ratchet straps, chain fall, slings, and other such items for your event. You’ll find them all in our product range so all you need to do is give us a list of your requirements and we’ll pack and transport the equipment directly to your event location.
  • Different Brands – We only have products from reliable and well-reputed brands in our store. Our rigging motors are from manufacturers like CM Loadstar, SpanSet, Skjonberg, etc. These are trusted manufacturers that provide high quality, reliable products that have proven to be effective in real-life use.
  • Safety – It’s important for rigging and motor equipment to be sturdy and of good quality because bad quality products can fall and cause injuries to performers, assistants, and stage hands. We have high safety standards and make sure that all products we send to your location are in good shape.
  • Maintenance – Our technicians take maintenance of the rigging and motors very seriously because they have moving parts that can wear off during strain. We make sure that everything is in proper working order and the products don’t show any dangerous signs of wear and tear. We test the equipment thoroughly before we send it to your venue to ensure they don’t cause any problems during the event.
  • Advice and Consulting – Our technicians won’t just offer advice on the right product choice, but they’ll also make sure you understand the safety precautions you need to take during the event when you use our rigging and motor rentals.

If you want to know more about rigging and motor rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Rigging Equipment Rental  Motors

– CM Lodestar 1 Ton Motor
– CM Lodestar ½ Ton Motor
– ½ Ton Manual Chain Fall
– SpanSet Sling: 9’, 6’, 3’, 1.5’
– Steel: 25’, 20’, 10’, 5’, 3’
– Shackles: 5/8”, ¾”, ½”
– VerLock and Cable
– Skjonberg Motor Distro with Pendant
– 9 pin Soca: 100’ & 50’
– 3” Ratchet Straps rated for 5000lbs