Followspot Rentals

If you’ve been to a live event or a conference, you might have noticed that there are some lights that move smoothly along with the speaker or performer on the stage. Even when the performer is walking from one end of the stage to another, the light remains focused on them continuously and naturally. This effect can be achieved by a followspot rental and at Pacific Coast Entertainment, we products that perform well and are reliable.

Why Do You Need Followspots?
Followspots are a great way to maintain focus on a single performer or a certain set of performers because people will naturally focus on the most prominently lit area of the stage. Very few people will actually take their focus away from the spotlighted performers and speakers to look at what’s happening in the less bright areas of the stage.

This is essential because activities that are away from the spotlight can distract from the performance. For example, during a play, the directors want audiences to focus on people who’re part of the scene and delivering the dialogue instead of people who are exiting the stage or exchanging props. In such scenarios, spotlighting can be very useful and relevant. Followspots can be used in:

  • Conferences to keep attention on keynote speakers.
  • Dance performances to create an aura of mystery and intrigue.
  • Plays to keep the focus on actors.
  • Weddings to keep focus on the couple or the speakers.

Followspots are very useful and can add a great vibe to your event. You just need to ensure you have a good operator to move the lamp smoothly. An operator must have focus, steady hands, and considerable amount of skill and awareness to move the follow spot smoothly.

Our Follow Spot Rental Lighting

  • Variety of Products – We have followspot lighting of three different ranges; long throw, medium throw, and short throw. You should choose a light based on the setup of your stage and the movement of the performers or speakers. You can speak with our technicians if you want more information.
  • Quality of Followspot Lights – Our followspot rentals are manufactured by well-known brands like Phoebus and Lycian. They deliver great and consistent performance and good intensity of light.

If you want to know more about followspot rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Followspot Rental Options

– Phoebus Ultra Arc Series 2 Long Throw Spot
– Lycian HTI 400w Medium Throw Followspot
– Lycian Midget Short Throw Followspot