Power Distro Rentals

Most events require a large number of audio and video equipment. A venue would have speakers, microphones, consoles, lights, cameras, and other such devices and need enough power to run all of them. However, most venues don’t have enough power outlets to plug in every piece of equipment present on the location and that’s where power distrosrentals come in. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we consider power distros a vital piece of equipment for any event and encourage people to rent it along with their other audio and video equipment.

What are Power Distros?
Power distros, also known as power distributers, are devices that supply power to a large number of devices. They take power from one power outlet in your venue and distribute it to multiple audio, video, or lighting equipment. They can work with a specific voltage range so any device that accepts voltage within that range can be plugged into the power distros rentals. They’re very useful devices for large-scale events and should be chosen carefully to accommodate your requirements of the event.

Our Technical Assistance
It never hurts to be careful when you choose a power source or distribution unit for your event. Too much power can damage sensitive equipment while too little power would stop the device from working entirely. Many event organizers rent or purchase power distributers blindly without assessing how much they would need for their event.

We want to help our clients avoid this mistake. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians has all the means to help you choose the right power distrosrentals. All you need to do is provide a list of equipment you need to use in your event and our experts will calculate your power requirements and suggest a distribution unit that would suit your needs.

Tried and Tested Distribution Units
Because distribution units are so important and sensitive, we make sure we have the best ones in our store. All the power distros rentals are tried and tested in a large number of events, over the years. They’re from well-established and reliable manufacturers like Pro Power, LEX, Motion Labs, Nutech, etc. These units haven’t failed at events and have delivered consistently great performance. If you want something that would power all your equipment efficiently and safely, you should come to us.

If you want to know more about power distrosrentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Power Distro Rental Options

– Pro Power 400amp 120v/208v Distro
– Motion Labs 200amp 120v/208v Distro
– Nutech 200amp Soca 120v Distro
– Single Phase/3 Phase 120v Soca Distro
– LEX 208v Soca Distro
– CAM 1×4 Distro
– 50’ Spider Box with Edison Out

Power Distro Rental