Dimmer Rental

Dimmers have been around for a very long time and they are quite useful, especially in events and conferences where you might need to adjust the intensity of the light. Most event organizers use light to highlight products that keep the attention focused on the speaker or performer, and set the right mood for the event.

At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we often recommend dimmers and dimmable lights to our clients. They’re not as intense and prominent as other special effect lights, but they can help you manipulate how things appear on stage or in camera.

What are Dimmers?
Dimmers are very easy to understand. As the name suggests, they manipulate the intensity of the light by increasing or decreasing the voltage to the dimmable bulb. This means you can decrease the intensity of the light to create the right effect on the stage. They’re used in conjunction with special fluorescent and incandescent halogen fixtures that can handle changes in voltage input easily.

Different Kinds of Dimmers
There are four different kinds of dimmers available with us. You need to choose based on how many dimming lights you intend to use and how powerful they are. The different kinds of dimmers include:

  • Dimming Switch
  • Portable Dimmers
  • Dimmer Packs
  • Dimmer Racks

You can speak with our expert technicians and determine which dimmer would be ideal for your event. Racks and packs are great for large collections of dimmer lights while portable dimmers are good for small events like weddings and parties. We have products from well-known manufacturers like ETC and Elation and they work very well in all kinds of events.

Why Use a Dimmer Rental?
As we mentioned before, a dimmer rental can be used to create the right atmosphere and effect in your performance. Here are some ways in which dimmers have been used at events we participated in to date.

  • Highlight a Person – If you want to highlight one person or performer and keep audience attention focused on them, you can use the dimmers to dim the lights all around the person and just keep one intensely bright light focused on the performer.
  • Create an Atmosphere – Suppose a performer is singing a sad or mellow song, bright flashy lights would clash with the meaning and tune of the song. Dimmers can be used to lower the intensity of the light.

If you want to know more about a dimmer rental or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Dimmer Rental Options

– ETC Sensor SP24 48 Channel Tour Rack
– ETC Sensor SP12 24 Channel Rack
– 6K Dimmer x 6 Channel CAM in Bates out
– Elation DP640b 6 Channel Portable Pack
– Elation Single Channel Dimmer