Lighting Consoles & Nodes Rentals

Modern lighting systems are very sophisticated and versatile; so they need equally sophisticated controllers. During an event, you might use well over a dozen different lighting systems to create the right effect, highlight the right areas, and add the right amount of brightness to the stage.

You can’t waste time and effort on controlling all of the lights individually. Console and node rentals provide a single station to handle all your lighting controls. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we recommend these devices to our clients because we know how difficult it is to manage lighting without them.

About Consoles and Nodes
Consoles and nodes communicate with the lighting fixtures using DMX or Digital Multiplex protocols. With the help of these devices and DMX, you can control the dimmers, trigger different lighting effects, switch off certain fixtures, and control the entire lighting system in your event as much as you want. You can easily communicate with a large number of lighting systems, which is why console and node rentals are absolutely essential in events.

About Our Console and Node Rentals
We aim to be the one-stop destination for every event planning equipment need. That’s one of the reasons why we make sure we have the latest technology and ample variety of products in our catalogue. Here are some reasons why you should get console and node rentals from us:

  • The Best In the Market – We want to ensure every product we send to our customers performs well and doesn’t give them problems during the event. We researched all the consoles and nodes available with us thoroughly before we purchased them. They’re all proven in practical applications and have earned excellent reviews from event managers and organizers everywhere.
  • Brands – We have products from High End, ETC, and Elation, and they’re all well-established and reliable brands.
  • Testing and Maintenance – Our technicians test all consoles and nodes carefully before they send them out to our customers. Because these devices are such an essential part of the lighting system, we maintain them according to manufacture guidelines to ensure they work well. You won’t have to worry about breakdowns and malfunctions during your event because all our products will arrive to your event location in perfect condition.

If you want to know more about console and node rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Lighting Consoles & Nodes Rental Options

– High End System Road Hog 4
– High End System HOG USB Super Widget
– ETC ION 3K with Submaster Wing
– ETC Element
– Elation Show Designer 2
– ETC Smartfade 12/48
– Elation Stage Setter 48, 24, & 8
– ETC 2 Port Gateway
– ETC 4 Port Gateway