Power Cable & Data Cable Rental

A lighting set-up utilizes a number of cables; and if you have dimmers and consoles, you need DMX slitters as well. These are some of the most essential but often ignored aspect of a lighting system at events and often the cause of performance problems. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we always stress on the importance of choosing good quality cable and DMX splitter rentals so your lighting system functions well and responds to your directions.

About Cables & DMX Splitter Rentals
Cables aren’t just used to carry power to lighting fixtures today. Modern light fixtures are very sophisticated and perform a variety of tasks. The lights can brighten and fade, the colors can change; they can flash and move at a rhythm, and perform other such effects. An event has a number of lighting fixtures that can perform such tasks and they need to be monitored, controlled, and used to the best effect. That can only be achieved if the fixtures are connected to consoles and nodes through cables.

Modern cables carry the DMX protocol through the wires to the fixtures and essentially instruct them to perform a task like becoming dim or switching off. If the cables are damaged or aren’t of good quality, this communication isn’t smooth and the information isn’t conveyed without errors. That can cause performance issues and even damage the lighting fixtures.

We provide excellent quality cables of different lengths from well-established manufacturers. Our technicians check the cables regularly to ensure they work without problems so you don’t have to worry about issues during your event. You can rely on our cable & DMX splitter rental to be of good quality.

About DMX Splitter Rentals
DMX splitters are essential tools that split and duplicate information received from one cable and directs it to multiple cables. If you have 20 different lighting fixtures, you don’t need to connect all 20 of them to your console or controller, you can simply connect the controller to the DMX splitter and distribute the information you send out to all fixtures. The splitter can also take input from a daisy chain of multiple cables, preserve and duplicate the data, and direct it towards other daisy chains.

We have a number of splitters of different capacities and configurations. You can consult with our technicians to determine what you would need for your event.

If you want to know more about a cable and DMX splitter rental or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Cable & DMX Splitter Rental Options

– CAM 4/0: 100’, 50’, 25’, 10’, Bare Ends
– CAM 2/0: 100’, 50’, 25’, 10’, Bare Ends
– CAM #2: 100’, 50’, 10’, Bare Ends
– Soca 19pin: 150’, 100’, 75’, 50’, 25’, 15’
– Break Ins: Edison, L6-20, Stage Pin
– Break Outs: Edison, L6-20, Stage Pin
– DMX 3 Pin and 5 Pin: 150’, 100’, 75’, 50’, 25’, 15’, 10’, 5’
– Terminators
– 3 to 5 and 5 to 3 Pin Adapters
– Wireless DMX Kits
– Opti Splitter 1×4
– DMX 5 Pin Snake 4 Channel 150’L
– DMX 5 Pin 4 Channel CAT5 Snake
– Edison Cable: 100’, 50’, 25’, 15’, 10’
– Edison Stringers 3 Plug
– Cube Taps
– Power Strips
– Stage Pin: 150’, 100’, 75’, 50’, 25’, 15’, 5’
– L6-20: 150’, 100’, 75’, 50’, 25’, 15’, 5’
– L21-30: 100′, 50′, 25′ & Break Out Boxes
– 50amp Hubbel: 100’, 50’