Powerful PA Speaker Rentals

PA Speakers are present in almost all events; whether big, small, private, or corporate. Even if you simply want to play music at an event, you need speakers to do the job. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we have a good collection of speakers that can fit all your requirements and ensure you get the best possible PA speaker rentals for your event.

Our PA Speaker Rentals
Our customers expect the best from us and we aim to ensure they get it. We have a range of great speakers suitable for all kinds of locations and events.

  • Well-Known Brands – We have speakers from RCF, QSC, and Fostex. They have delivered a reliable performance over time and are well-known for their audio clarity and quality. Our speakers from these brands have performed well in all of the events we’ve been a part of over the years so we can assure you they’ll work well for your event as well.
  • Different Performance Levels – We have speakers for different performance levels and requirements. If you have a large venue with many people, you can get 18” subs or 10*2 way speakers for your event. You need to plan the number of devices you need carefully; because too many or too few speakers can both be a problem.
  • Expert Advice – it’s not easy to decide what you might need for your event, but you can ask for advice from our experts. They’ll ask questions about the location, venue, the number of attendees, etc, and determine what you might need. Based on your requirements and budget, they’ll recommend PA speaker rentals that would provide the best possible performance at your event.

Rent a PA Speaker System For Your Live Event
At most events, speakers are your only means of communicating with or addressing a large crowd. If you want your attendees to have a good experience, you need to rent good quality speakers and here are some reasons why:

  • Audio Quality – Great speakers have great audio quality has well. They won’t sound distorted or tinny and the sound wouldn’t crack. They’ll convey base and treble properly without overwhelming the ears.
  • Volume – Large events require speakers that can handle high volume sounds without compromising the audio quality. You need good quality speakers to handle the task.

If you want to know more about PA speaker rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

PA Speaker Rental Options

  • RCF TTL33a Powered Line Array
  • RCF SUB8006-AS Powered Dual 18” Sub
  • RCF TT052 Power Fills
  • QSC KLA-12 Line Array
  • QSC KW181 Powered Single 18” Sub
  • QSC KW122 Powered 12” 2 way Speaker
  • QSC K10 Powered 10” 2 way Speaker
  • QSC K8 Powered 8” 2 way Speaker
  • Meyer M1D Compact Line Array
  • Fostex 6” Reference Speaker
  • Denon ENVOI Battery Powered PA Speaker with Wireless handheld