In Ear Monitor Rentals

If you’ve seen a vocalist or a drummer perform, you might have noticed discreet ear pieces that most tend to wear. Professional musicians who are performing to large audiences need in ear monitor rentals to keep their shows on point. These ear pieces are called personal monitor systems and they can improve the overall quality of your music. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we recommend in ear monitor systems to anyone who wants to play live music at events.

Why Are IEM and Personal Monitor Systems Needed?
Music is a pleasant experience when everything is harmonious and people single and play at a reasonable volume. If one artist plays louder than the other, all musicians can follow the theme and that can make the listening experience very unpleasant and create dissonance.

  • Listen to Your Music – Personal monitor systems will allow you to listen to your own music very clearly while your audience enjoys your performance. This helps you avoid mistakes, keep track of the melody, and ensure your performance is as marvelous as it can possibly be. Personal monitors often help professionals focus and deliver a consistent performance.
  • Maintain the Volume – Without a personal monitor, the surrounding noise can drown out your own voice or instrument. That could cause you to play or sing louder just to listen to your own sound, which will compromise your performance. If you want to make sure your performance is a pleasant experience for your attendees, you should definitely rent a personal monitor system to help.

Our IEM and Personal Monitor System Rentals

We’ve been a part of the event equipment rental and management industry for a long time and have experience with live performances. We will only recommend products that have proven their worth and delivered a good performance consistently in a number of events.

  • Headphones and Ear Buds – Headphones offer better sound isolation or noise reduction while ear buds are more comfortable and discreet. Both can be useful in a live event so we offer our customers a choice between the two. You can pick MyMix 6 Station 16 Channel System with Headphones or Sennheiser 300 G2 Series IEM with Distro and Ear Buds.
  • Quality of Sound – The above mentioned products produce crystal clear, high-fidelity audio so you know exactly what you sound like when you sing or play an instrument.

If you want to know more about IEM and personal monitor system rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

In Ear Monitor Rentals (IEMs) &
Personal Monitor System Rentals


  • Shure PSM900 Wireless IEM System
  • Shure PSM1000 Wireless IEM System with Distro
  • MyMix 6 Station 16 Channel In-Ear Monitor Rentals with Headphones