Misc Audio Rentals

When people get rental equipment for their business, they often focus on the most visible and useful equipment like speakers, mics, and consoles. They tend to forget that most devices need a number of accessories like stands and mounts as well. That can cause problems during events because these devices can’t be used efficiently without their accessories. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we have a number of miscellaneous audio rentalsthat would that help you.

Our Rentals
Our product range is comprehensive because we want to be the one-stop destination for all kinds of event equipment needs. We always endeavor to store everything our clients would require, including small items that our competitors wouldn’t think of. Here are some reasons why you should browse through our catalogue of rentals thoroughly.

  • A Variety of Products – We have products and equipments that you might not find with our competitors. Some companies just focus on the most in-demand devices and equipment but we aim to provide everything you might possibly need, including a dual CD player, CD/ Cassette combo, or a digital EQ. All you need to do is send us a list of all the items you need for your event and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
  • Quality – What’s the use of renting equipment if it doesn’twork during your event? We make it a point to test out all of our devices and accessories before we send them to your location. You won’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns and technical problems during your event.
  • Reasonable Rates – We understand that organizing an event can be an expensive affair so we try to keep our rates as reasonable as we possibly can. Our miscellaneous audio rentals are affordable and still well-maintained so you get great value for money.
  • Technical Advice – We have a team of experts who’re willing to offer our clients help at any time. If you have questions about our rentals, want advice on what you might been for your event, or need assistance for a technical problem, you can contact our team. They will make sure you get all the help you need to ensure your event is a complete success. They’ll also handle transportation to and assembling at your event location.

If you want to know more about miscellaneous audio rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Misc Audio Rental Options

– JK Audio InLine Phone Patch
– Ashly Protea Audio 4.24G 4×4 Digital EQ
– Denon DN-D4500 Dual CD Player
– Tascam CD/Cassette Combo
– Tascam CDRW900 Recorder
– Press Patch 1×6 and 1×12
– Ultimate Support Speaker Stands
– K&M Audio Boom Mic Stands