Communications Rental Systems

If you’ve even watched documentaries about backstage organization of large-scale events, you’ll notice that almost everyone on the event management team has communications gear on them. In the world of mobile phones, it might seem like an unnecessary expense to get communications rental systems. All it takes is one person losing signal and your event could fall apart. Avoid communication breakdowns by renting a communications system to ensure your events go according to plan.

Benefits of Renting Professional Communication Equipment

At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we always encourage customers to get communications rentals because they can help you manage your event more effectively. Here are some ways in which they can help:

  • No Dropped Signals – With two-way radios and other such communications systems, you won’t have to deal with dropped signals or interference. Unlike mobile phones, communication through radios is more reliable and there won’t be any displays and interruptions.
  • Quick – Cell phones are very versatile and thanks to smart phones, communication has become very efficient and easy. However, in events, you need quick and frequent communication. You can’t waste time looking through your contacts and relying on signal to orchestrate your event.
  • Reliable – Communications rentals are very reliable and designed to function in loud environments of events. They’ll catch your attention immediately, even during live concerts with lots of noise and disruptions. Mobile phones aren’t as reliable and can cause you to miss important communications.
  • Organized – Good communication systemswill help you keep things organized and stay on top of problems constantly. With good communication, you can resolve technical and security issues quickly and respond to emergencies promptly.

Our Communication Rentals
We have a wide range of communications products that can fit any requirement. No matter how big or small your event is, we can help you get the best possible coverage and communication.

  • Clear Com and Radios – We offer clear coms as well as radios from good manufacturers like Motorola. We have everything from headsets and base stations to remote mics and surveillance units.
  • Good Quality – We make sure our communication rentals are always in top shape and work efficiently. The last thing we want is for the headsets or radios to break down in the middle of an event. Our technicians will check all equipment before they’re transported to your location.

If you want to know more about communications rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Clear Com Rentals

– WBS-680 2 Channel 4 Drop Wireless System
– WBS-670 4 Drop Wireless System
– Rack Mount 4 Channel Base Station
– Rack Mount 2 Channel Base Station
– Single and Dual Channel Wired Belt Packs
– Light Weight Headset
– Standard Single and Double Muff Head Set
– Remote Call Light

Radio Rentals

– Motorola CP200
– Motorola Remote Mic
– Motorola Headset
– Motorola Surveillance Headset