Amp Rentals

Good speakers, microphones, and audio will ensure the sound quality at your events is great. However, in large events in open venues, you need a way to amplify the sound to ensure it clearly reaches all of your audience. For that, you need amp rentals. At Pacific Coast Entertainment, we have great amps that will maintain the quality of sound and amplify weak signals from wireless devices like mics.

Our Amp Rentals
We’ve been a part of this industry for a very long time and understand the different amp requirements. However, we’re also aware that most of our customers don’t know if they need amps or how to choose amps for their event. Our expert technicians are always on hand to help so all you need to do is explain your requirements to them. We have two different kinds of amp rentals available:

  • Single QSC Amp Package – QSC is well-known for their quality and have proven to deliver a good performance over the years. The company manufactures some of the most reliable amps available in the market and is considered a leader of the industry. The single units have consistently gotten great reviews from customers. They provide great quality sound and a pure audio experience, which is important if you intend to play live music at your event. The QSC products are also relatively portable and can be transported easily.
  • Single Crown IT-4000 Amp Package – Crown amplifiers also have an excellent reputation in the industry. They’re known for their consistent performance and high fidelity sound output. The IT-4000 is a proven product and has performed well in all events we’ve worked on in the past. That’s one of the reasons why this is one of our most popular rental products.

How Can We Help?
We always want to help our customers organize the best possible event they can a good way to do it is to provide excellent products for rent. But aside from our amp rentals, we also provide some additional services:

  • Delivered to Your Location – Our amps are delivered directly to your event location on time and in good condition.
  • Assessment – We make sure the amps work well before we transport them to you and our on-site technicians will double-check on the venue as well.

If you want to know more about amp rentals or our services here at Pacific Coast Entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 714 841 6455.

Amplifier Rentals

– Single QSC Amp Package
– Single Crown IT-4000 Amp Package